Why do Toyota’s only have 1 Reverse Light?

Toyota’s unique reverse light design has inadvertently become a distinguishing feature of their vehicles in Malaysia. It sets them apart from the sea of cars on the road and has become synonymous with the Toyota brand. The singular reverse light has become an emblematic design element that sparks curiosity and conversation, reinforcing Toyota’s presence in the minds of Malaysian drivers.But why?

What is the reason behind Toyota’s decision to only installing 1 Reverse light in all its vehicle?Well having only one reverse light can be a cost-saving measure for car manufacturers. By installing only one reverse light instead of two, they can save money on production costs. This is especially true for lower-end or budget-friendly vehicles where cost-cutting measures are necessary to keep prices competitive.

Another thing is that the second Reverse light housing is now home to the rear foglamps.Again this is because of the fact that installing rear foglamps separately would be more expensive rather than deleting 1 of the reverse lights and installing a rear foglamp.

Although on paper for toyota,this seems like a efficient way of getting things done,some netizens tend to look the other way,often times mentioning that having two reverse lights is a matter of concern and that rear foglamps installed separately are a better option.However there are some people who wouldn’t mind the change either.

Regardless what do you think about toyota’s new approach,do you think they should go this route or do you think they should install two reverse lights instead if one?

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