Honda Civic Type R vs. Mercedes-Benz A35: Why the Civic is the Better Choice

When it comes to high-performance hatchbacks, the Honda Civic Type R and the Mercedes-Benz A35 are two of the most popular choices. While both cars have their unique strengths and weaknesses, there are several reasons why the Honda Civic Type R stands out as the better choice. When it comes to performance, the Honda Civic […]

A Tale of Two Mercedes-AMG Hot Hatches: Comparing the A35 AMG and A45 S in Malaysia.

Mercedes-Benz has long been known for its performance-oriented AMG lineup, offering a wide range of models that cater to enthusiasts who crave power, luxury, and driving excitement. In Malaysia, two of the most popular hot hatches from Mercedes-AMG are the A35 AMG and the A45 S. Both cars share similar DNA, but they have distinct […]