Services Listing

Updated on October 12, 2022

Services Listing Limitations

  • Photos Requirements

We recommend consistently using a high resolution, relevant image of all your products. Uploading up to eight photos per product, including images for each product variation such as different colours or sizes (if applicable) will help buyers understand the features and functionality of the product. It is preferable to keep the images max 5mb per photos.

A great image draws your buyers into the product. The three critical elements to consider when uploading a product image are:

Service Relevance
The service process must be shown clearly.Avoid inserting text or graphics to
the photos.Only shows related service photos.
Photographic style
Shoot the service process in a well-lit environment, preferably with proper
lighting.Advisable to focus on the service process.Do not use offensive
Photo Dimension
Preferred image dimensions: 450×450 pixels.Minimum image resolution:
720dpi.Avoid distorting the product proportions.

Follow this proven format of an easy-to-read name structure to name your product:

  • Additional images

Additional photos on the service could give customers a better picture of the service. Here is the requirement needed for those images:

a. Showing service process.

Showcase the service process

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