Dummies Guide To A Car Meet : 2023 Edition!

Back in my days! Car events were a very peaceful and cheerful sight! Alot of car enthusiasts would attend to see new types of projects,get inspiration,talk to owners,get recommendations,network and even potentially make decisions to buy a car that would be worth building.

Sadly,those glory days of the car communities are over,as the new wave of wannabe “enthusiasts” are just mere posers taking advantage to join car events just so they can take pictures and flex on their social media pages.And the worst part,these kinds of people do not respect or be cautious when they are attending a car event,often leading them to touch,lean and even break the cars showcased in these events as one recent event hosted last weekend showed us.

However fear not,as this article is a guide for dummies on how to behave when attending car meets,heck even posers can learn a thing or two;


The car may look fancy,it may look cool but just remember that you don’t own it and you probably don’t have the means to repair any damages that occured while you were leaning over the car to take a pic for the gram.People put money,sweat and tears to build their cars to what it is today and the last thing they want is some moron sitting on their car pretending they own it and risk it getting dented or even scratched!

The rule is simple here,nice to see but DO NOT TOUCH unless the owner permits it,imagine if someone touches your wife see how you feel.


Now i know that everybody wants to record a supra or an r34 spitting flames,but c’mon people, not at the expense of other participants and their cars!

Now we get it,this may be your first time attending the event and you wanna capture every moment possible,but try to do it in a calmly manner and not risk beheading someones rear spoiler just to hear some car pop.


Event hosts,sponsors and special guests have all made it possible to showcase what malaysian is all about when it comes to the car scene and the last thing we want is to taint that reputation not only for ourselves but to also our neighboring countries that took part in the event!

Now this doesn’t just apply to the participants,it also applies to the attendees as well.No harassment towards other attendees,owners or special guests.No sabotaging someones beloved car just so you can get a satisfaction about it! Its not cool bro!

At the end of the day,we all want to take part in car events to get inspired,learn and even interact with our idols and automotive icons,but please remind yourself to be self-aware and responsible while doing so,as our actions can have consequences to other people and sometimes can cause serious harm.

So please guys and gals,lets all “Carmeet Responsibly” so that everybody can enjoy the events and it would encourage more people to take part and host their own car events for everybody to enjoy!

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