LEGO Replica of Myvi Extreme 1.5 Wows Netizens

When we talk about cars, we know that cars are made from steel and metal, but have you ever thought of assembling them with bricks? With that being said, a team of 15 artists stepped up their game to honor the King of Road, Myvi, which is also an icon of Malaysia. Their efforts became the star of the show at Bryks Art’s King of the Road showcase at Publika Shopping Gallery, which was held from May 27, 2022 – to May 29, 2022.


Replika kereta “King of The Road” bersaiz sebenar menggunakan interlockable Bricks dan plate. Nampak macam LEGO tapi bukan LEGO. 100% rekaan dan buatan anak tempatan oleh Bryks.art! #LEGO #LEGOmy #LegoTikTok #AFOL #EzrinMN #EzrinXLego #myvi #mybi

♬ Tokyo Drift (Refix) – Rosh Blazze

The lifesize and detailed replica of a Myvi Extreme 1.5 has incorporated 1.27 million brick elements, with 2 months to construct. The model’s exterior and interior are made entirely of lego bricks, except for the speakers, mirrors, wheels, axle, tire, and a few of its lightbulbs. The artists have perfectly captured every curve of the car, including its spare parts, such as the brake disc.

While the model was under the spotlight, the exhibition also featured 5 other more miniature Lego sculptures in honor of the “Apa Apa Pun Boleh” attitude of the Myvi.

The sculptures presented in the exhibitions have gained the recognition of netizens, including car enthusiasts. At the same time, the artists involved managed to prove to the public endless possibilities with brick art.

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