All Star Car Meet & Dine – Kazuto Garage

It’s been weeks since the All Star Car Meet and Dine, organized by Kazuto Garage. The event was a car meet cum meeting discussion for the media & car club. Even though the scale of the event is small; yet, it created a huge impression in our minds.

The purpose of this mini car meet was to discuss a unity malaysian car club & media for a better future for malaysia car culture, event & publisher. The vision is that one day the car culture in Malaysia will be as rich as the car culture found in Japan. With such a clear vision, various car clubs, including Driftnutz, Audi TT SCM, Garage 69, SXE10 Altezza, ​​KKT Kasut Koyak Touge & Project Drift and NSF-R32, does not hesitate and jumped into the party.

Over 20 cars were showcased throughout the event, including Audi TT, Toyota MR2 and many more legendary cars.

Besides car groups that participated in the event, several media companies such as The Average Media, Santai Media, Kazuto Garage and Driwego, were also invited to the event. It is safe to say that the event was a huge success. Cheers to Kazuto Garage for their effort in bringing us together.

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