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All About Wheels 2022

The Velocity Motor Show held its first-ever indoor automotive event at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) during the past weekend. Auto enthusiasts, car manufacturers and experts were on hand to showcase their latest creations.

The All About Wheels 2022 (AAW2022), sponsored by Pulzar Lubricant, is a car show brought to you by Velocity Motor Show. The event is a display of automotive features, with participation from across Asean especially from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The three-day event featured more than 100 cars, with its main highlights include two units of Monster Truck uniquely imported from Thailand and three units live size Lightning McQueen cars from the popular Cars movie. The goal of these displays was to draw the attention of younger audience, to bring their favourite animation character up close.

All About Wheels is your source for tuning and customising cars, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. This trade show displays body kits and carbon accessories, performance upgrades, rims and tyres, interior modifications and engine upgrades. Besides showing various customisations of cars, the event has also held BikeFest, a display of two wheels featuring Harley Davidson, Aprilia, Vespa and Royal Enfield.

However that were some unpleasing moments that were witnessed by multiple participants. Due to the lack of security measurements, participants were allowed to come up close with the display cars. However, some got too comfortable around them. The cars that were displayed have multiple hand marks all over them. The furious part was seeing parents letting their children climbing on top of the customised cars to take pictures, letting them SLIDING off the cars for their own entertainment, and many more irresponsible behaviours. Some participants even sat on the cars to pose for a photoshoot. Multiple display cars were damaged by the end of the event, damages such as having their underskirt being tore apart and their vinyl wraps being peeled off, leaving car owners furious.

Multiple fingerprints on display cars

It has shown that many of us are not aware that most car enthusiasts spent over 10k just to get their ideal car appearances and performances. The reason for them to join car shows is to present their precious to the public, yet participants chose to disrespect their efforts. Needless to say, it can be heartbreaking seeing the display cars being treated the way they were during the event. So the next time when you join any car show event, remember to keep a social distance with the display cars too. This way you can respect the car as well as the car owner.

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