The Future of Auto Repair Workshops

The current tech-driven economy has us wondering about the future of automotive repair workshops in Malaysia. While technology has changed the games in many other industries, we are looking at potential wonders, the waves of technology trends affecting the automotive repair industry. The crucial question is how the industry responds to these fast-changing car owners’ needs and demands with the technology trends surrounding them in their everyday lifestyle and what the future holds for these independent auto repair workshop operators. We explore these workshop owners’ skill sets and business mentality amid the markets.

The Long-Lasting Cars
The cars in the market are more long-lasting compared to the classics. People are still driving their favorite 90s Camrys. And you can still see those sweet, repainted, shining ten years and older Japanese-made cars along the heavy traffic Federal Highway. Some of the designs are somehow evergreen-ish, not too quirky at all. While the full synthetic engine oil keeps cars from going to the workshop frequently, other wears and tear are essential to maintain an optimal safety condition of a vehicle.

Used Car Market
With the emergence of Carsome and MyTukar, it is nicely disrupting the used car market with new services to meet the market’s growing demand. The ownership of the used cars doesn’t seem frightening or risky anymore. The thoroughly inspected vehicles are gone through a series of reconditioned before being put up on the shelves. Ownership of the used cars adds to the business potential for the workshops and independent services centers. A good condition second-hand car gives a great experience like getting a new one and confidence to keep the car well-maintained.

Vehicle Leasing Market
The interest rate of the automotive loan is quite attractive and goes as low as 3% per annum up to nine years of the leasing period. Although this is also applicable to the owner of a new vehicle, the cost of the used vehicle is still lower compared to the new one. While the manufacturers offer a warranty on the newly purchased cars, specific charges still apply. Owning a used car is still considered cost-effective, especially Japanese-made vehicles. They are durable and demand low maintenance expenses.

The Emergence of High-Quality OEM Auto Parts and Chop Shops
While there are still crappy OEM auto parts in the market, there are high-quality A-grade OEM auto parts that you can find online. Just do some research and join some car groups on Facebook to ask the eagerly to help situs. The car enthusiasts and mechanics who care enough to look after your wallet vehicle parts are keen to recommend the best offers—keeping your car last longer without breaking a bank.

Another alternative is to look for chop shops around Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, and Penang. You will be surprised what gems you can find in those places with great prices. With access to information online, looking for a good condition used part has never been more accessible. Of course, there is no guarantee you will find one, but you can always rely on your friendly mechanics to assist you.

Increasing Preference Dealerships Repairs
We are not going to lie, but there are high numbers of the new generation of car owners who would prefer to go to dealership workshops, providing outstanding services and quality auto parts even after the warranty expires. Some might see it as a threat, and we see it as a great reference to growing the workshop to meet the new market demand. We are not implying that the traditional old-fashion workshop will get knocked out. We suggest another channel for customers who demand branded professional and assuring services, who don’t mind paying more. The independent auto repair workshops can explore and up their game. It’s not about as simple as fixing a car anymore. It’s more than that. Go to this post to read more about it.

Shortage of Mechanics, a.k.a Techs
While developing the Driwego App, we talked to many independent auto workshop operators. The most common problem they encounter is the lack of workforce to handle incoming jobs. Some bosses complain the younger generation could not withstand the hardship of employment, which boggles us a lot, and the question we constantly ask is why maintaining a car must be hard? — Don’t get us wrong, of course, we the know the answer. Still, we are asking a question for a solution. Companies of other industries are doing their best to attract talents, be it the environment of the workplace, the perks that come along with the employment, and emotional guidance. The automotive services industry is doing relatively minimal in this area. At least within our sample size of the survey. We could explore this further in the future, but we will say that the best working environment workshop will have all the talents they want.

With the emergence of high technology applied to the new vehicles, we no longer address these repairmen as mechanics or forepersons. In many countries, they are techs. That should be a good start.

The Growing of the Triggering Markets
Yes, we are talking about the high demand and growing logistics business due to the established e-commerce and e-hailing service industry. These industries provide opportunities to increase the income for car owners—the gig economy for everyone and not just some companies. The high usage of vehicles and mileage travels will induce high wear and tear, creating a greater need for auto parts and automotive workshop services. A well-positioned and tech-savvy workshop will be the one looked after and eventually reap the benefits and its’ business potential.

The Game-Changing and Promising Future
With the evolution of consumerism mindset and demands, many new disruptive offerings have emerged in the market, bringing the changes to other related industries as well. We have seen graceful disruptions by many visionaries that did wonders to their business and businesses symbiotically tied to them. The same is somehow true for the automotive repair workshops industry. The wave of game-changing disruption is imminent, and only the well-prepared will survive and thrive. Are you one of them? The future is for the well-positioned one to harness the advantages of the changes that are bound to happen in the actual values chain. It is time to buckle up, upgrade, and invest in the tools and knowledge to ensure the continued profitability of your business.

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